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 Rules for proposal

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PostSubject: Rules for proposal   Sat Dec 06, 2008 12:35 pm

Thease rules must be followed othwise you will be banned permanantly.

- Always use correct lanuage. If you use modern laguage such as BRB (be right back) or gtg (got to go) or u (you), You have to make sure the readers are familiar with the lanuage.
- No backchat to staff. If you have a problem please DONOT Shout at the staff about it. Its not their fault, unless they make topic and advertise somthing you are aloud to complain. If you awnser them back bad and impolite language, the punishment above states.
- NO bad laguage. If this happens the topic that you swore in will be locked and reported to head admin or owner of the forum. If an admin or moderator swears they will have their job taken off them imediatly when found out.
- No bullying or racisum. If you do do either of the possibilitys just stated you are in serious trouble and will have to be reported to forumotion.
- Dont give out any details of your self exept (NAME), if you give out more than what is stated, you are suspeded for detail giving.
- DONOT ask for passwords for this forum, other forums, piczo, my space, msn or anything beyond that you will be banned permantly.

If you follow those rules correctly you will become most favorite in the forum. One rule unfollowed and you are banned or suspended, depending on the rule you disobay.

Thease rules are the same as the normal rules.

If the gfx like your design then your pic will be put in the gallary forum.
We look forward to seeing your designs.
Elpforum team___
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Rules for proposal
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